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Ballet Girls:  solid colored leotard, pink footed tights and pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.  Hair pulled back away from face in bun (preferred) or pony tail.  


Ballet Boys:  white t-shirt, black athletic shorts, pants or tights and black leather or canvas ballet shoes

Lyrical/Contemporary/Hip Hop Boys and Girls:  

black jazz pants or leggings, solid colored leotard, black slip on jazz shoes and tennis shoes (for hip hop).  No crop tops or sports bras

Young Ballet Class


-No gum, food or drink is allowed in studio.  (water bottles only)

-No jewelry should be worn to class. This includes necklaces and bracelets.  Post earrings are ok.  

-Please have young children use the bathroom BEFORE class.  

-Occasionally parents will be invited to observe class, otherwise the studio door will remain closed during class.

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