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Get ready to experience the magic of dance at Anthem Highlands Youth Ballet! Our classes are dedicated to helping every child unleash their creativity and express themselves through the beauty of dance. Since 2016, AHYB has been encouraging young dancers to thrive and develop a lifelong passion for dance.


Community Connection

Enrollment is open for all Anthem Residents! Your dancer will have the chance to make some new friends with their neighbors and classmates from school. Plus, occasionally parents and families are welcome to watch or join in on the fun during class, fostering a strong community bond.

Variety of Fun Classes

Get ready to dance your heart out! Our classes are perfect for kids aged 2-12 years old. Whether child loves twirling like a ballerina or busting moves like an energetic hip hopper, we've got it all covered. Our expert instructors will teach toddlers about music and movement, preschoolers will tumble and twirl, ballet dancers will perfect their technique, and jazz dancers will expand their movement vocabulary with lyrical, hip hop, and contemporary styles of jazz.  

Professionally Trained Teacher

The Anthem Highlands community is proud to have Kristen Deppe, an Anthem Resident, as our program director. With over 20 years of teaching for both pre-professional and recreational students of all ages, Kristen's diverse dance training and expertise working with children create a nurturing class environment for your child to thrive.

Performance Oppertunities

Get ready to witness your little one's talent on stage without having to sit through a long and tedious dance recital! Our performances are short, sweet, and showcase your child's skills. With two performances a year, including a Nutcracker Showcase in December and a Spring Recital in May, your child will have the opportunity to perform in professional costumes on stage at the PCC Gym.

If you’d like more information about Anthem Highlands Youth Ballet, get in touch today.

Join the fun!

Owner, Director & Teacher

Kristen Deppe

Get ready to dance, Anthem Neighbors!

Kristen is beyond excited to share her talent, training and passion for dance with you all! With over 20 years of experience teaching ballet, pointe, variations, creative movement, jazz, modern, and contemporary dance classes to dancers of all ages and levels in Chicago and Denver, Kristen is the perfect instructor to encourage your dancer's potential.

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"My daughter has been dancing at the Anthem Youth Ballet with Ms. Kristen for 3 years. Ms. Kristen has fostered her love of dance in a fun, pressure free environment. Every week my daughter is excited to show me what she has learned in both her Ballet and Jazz classes. Our whole family looks forward to the twice a year recitals. The costumes and dances are highlights."

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